The 34th Annual Meeting of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Association of China

November 28th and 29th, 2014, the 34th Annual Meeting of Autoclave Aerated Concrete Association of China (China AAC Association) was hold in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, sponsored by TEEYER company. Former vice-director of China Building Materials League Mr. Zhang Renwei, Secretary – General and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Building Material Association Mr. Sun Xiangyuan, Consultant of China AAC Association Mr. Tao Yousheng, Deputy President of China AAC Association Mr. Qi Zigang, Secretary General of Changzhou Municipal government Mr. Peng Jun, Office director of Changzhou Wall Reformation department Mr. Liu Ning, Executive President of China AAC Association Mr. Yuan Feng and Mr. Wu Yizhong-Vice president of China AAC Association, General Manager of TEEYER company are all fully engaged in this Annual Meeting. 

In the morning of 28th, Mr. Peng Jun and Mr. Wu Yizhong addressed successively to all guests and peers. They spoke highly of China AAC Association for making great contributions to China AAC industry development during the last 33 years in which AAC related companies share market information and communicate technology. 

After this, Mr. Xia Zhenrong, Deputy General Manager of TEEYER, gave a speech introducing the latest AAC producing technologies in 5 parts: Raw material treatment section, Pouring & Pre-curing section, Tilting & Cutting section, Grouping & Autoclaving section and Finished products packing section. 

In the morning of 29th, all representatives visited TEEYER company. TEEYER GM Mr. Wu companied with Mr. Zhang Renwei and Mr. Qi Zigang minutely introduced TEEYER technologies and facilities. In the afternoon, all representatives visited the TEEYER’s latest AAC panel production line in Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

During the meeting, members of the association communicated and learnt from each other. At the same time, this meeting enhanced the awareness and sense of belonging of China AAC Association. This successful annual meeting has become a milestone in the development of AAC industry.