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    YiGaoMed participated in CUA 2021

    From October 22nd to October 24th, 2021, the 28th National Conference on Urology was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, bringing together experts and scholars from all over the world to enjoy mutual exchanges and learning in the form of online and offline synchronization. The conference is rich in content, and also has many forward-looking topics that aroused unanimous resonance among experts.


     Professor Gu Min, the executive chairman of the conference and chairman of Jiangsu Urological Society, delivered a speech.


    Mr. Wang Siyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, delivered a speech.


    Professor Huang Jian, Chairman of the Urology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, delivered a speech.


      As an exhibitor participating in the CUA National Conference on Urology for the first time, Zhejiang YiGao Med has not only brought rich product lines, innovative technologies and concepts, but also demonstrated YiGao people's services and spirit. YiGao Med is committed to the R&D, production and sales of non-vascular interventional products. We not only have infinite enthusiasm and innovative thinking, but also share the same mission as every medical practitioner, namely, bringing health to patients! For this purpose, we provide innovative and efficient clinical solutions and high-quality services, and we are committed to becoming a reliable supplier or partner in the global medical field.



      Our booth attracted many experts nationwide to visit, and the scene was teeming with enthusiasm! We carried out exchanges and discussions with the experts and scholars on the scene enthusiastically, and our products and concepts were highly recognized by the experts. 


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