Harmony Creating Motivation      Responsibility Creating Quality

Located in National High-tech Development District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Teeyer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacturing of complete equipment for aerated concrete cutting machine and production line. Leading products are complete equipment for aerated concrete cutting machine, aerated plate line equipment and ancillary products.

Founded in 1989, the Company has the registered capital of RMB 160.735 million, covers an area of 153,000 square meters, and employs more than 400 people. The company has a provincial enterprise technology center with more than 80 R&D personnel. The Company carries out extensive industry-university-research cooperation, the number of product projects researched and developed every year are not less than five, and the number of patents declared are not less than twenty.

With decades of industry experience, sophisticated equipment and outstanding R&D team, the Company has firmly established a leading position in the industry of complete equipment for aerated concrete cutting machine in China.

In 1994, Teeyer became the first company in the industry to marketize the aerated concrete cutting equipment, breaking the previous domestic situation of complete dependence on imports, thus contributing to the revitalization of Chinese national industry. Based on absorbing and learning from German advanced technologies, the Company developed a series of different specifications of aerated concrete plate line products which are in compliance with China’s national conditions, becoming the "first person" to localize the plate line again. At present, the Company has over 40 national utility model patents and invention patents in the aspects such as aerated concrete cutting machine, mould, concrete block pre-curing & conveying device, and automatic batching control system. The Company has multiple sets of advanced processing equipment, such as robot welding center, horizontal machining center, NC gantry milling and boring machine, NC double-sided boring machine and gantry planer. Sheet metal processing equipment include 2000T hydraulic machine, 500T NC bending machine, internationally advanced large laser cutting machine and other high-end equipment.

By establishing strategic cooperation with domestic aerated product manufacturers, the Company provides them with a number of aerated production lines and modification schemes, so that Teeyer aerated production lines spread over major cities in China. Main strategic partners are: Nanjing Xujian, BBMG, Jiangsu Baopeng, Hangzhou Zetong and so on; the production lines have been widely accepted by customers. Meanwhile, the Company is committed to expanding the international market, and has sold complete equipment for aerated concrete to Russia, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates, etc.

In response to the national call for “promoting energy saving and emission reduction, and developing circle economy”, the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development has always been implemented in the Company’s products. Bricks and plates manufactured by the aerated concrete equipment meet the national industrial policy of environmental protection. In recent years, the Company has continued to invest heavily in quality control, environmental protection, energy conservation and resource recycling.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “harmony creating motivation and responsibility creating quality”, the Company is ambitious and innovative to create value for society and set a benchmark for the industry, and takes “technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation” as the core to constantly enhance its comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, thus making more contributions to prompting the healthy development of China’s aeration industry and achieve the strategic goal of energy conservation and environmental protection!