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    Company Profile



    Create a high-quality brand of global medical equipment,providing powerful assistance for clinical medical.

    Mission and Values

    Create a global medical equipment quality brand, providing powerful assistance for clinical medicine.

    People Oriented

    The core of scientific development is people-oriented, we respect and care for every medical high-quality person, integrate employee's self-value, and make the mandatory implementation of the management system to employee consciously comply and implement, pay attention to employees. Cultivate, establish a collective concept of employees.


    Integrity is the way of doing people in medical employees, and is the foundation of the medical high enterprise. Whether it is between the industry, it is still the internal employee, integrity, and credit are the cornerstone of our steady development.


    As a medical device manufacturer, product and service is the core of the company, the medical high will always put the quality first, only to ensure product quality, can we talk about "integrity". Providing customers with the best quality products and services, is a promise of every medical man in mind and adhered.

    Pursue Excellence

    The medical high quality standards, continuous learning, improvement and development are our way to work.

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